Exciting Times

Cephren Lake, Banff National Park - late fall '12
Fall has arrived in the Bow Valley and it is my favourite time of year. The cooler mornings remind me that winter is coming but the warm days keep me in the moment. Add in the yellow larches and blue skies - and you've got yourself the perfect day. This September, I am excited to share that Rancho Vignola will help to keep me fuelled this winter! The Vignola family have been in the business for over 30 years and have grown from a small health food store, to a nation wide whole-sale distributor of quality nuts and dried fruit. Based in Vernon, BC, Rancho Vignola imports crop from around the world to distribute in Canada. From Austrailia and Vietnam to Quebec, California and British Colombia. They source their orders once a year - and just your luck! September is bulk ordering time. For more information, great recipes and some 'nut-knowledge' be sure to check them out ranchovignola.com. I am excited to be joining a team that enjoys healthy living, being nuts and eating nuts just as much as I do.

Rancho Vignola
In other exciting news - my brother, Phil, and I are hosting a luncheon fundraiser at my family's restaurant (Ticino Swiss-Italian Restaurant) in Banff on September 23. Funding this crazy ski racing dream is never an easy feat. After all, I'm the one who chose to do this sport, so why should I have others pay for it? I am a true believer in following your passion to make life meaningful and skiing is my passion. My big picture vision is to inspire others to do the same along the way and garner some support. My 'Trail to Sochi' and ski career is meaningless without sharing it with those who support me. I'm so grateful for any support I receive along the way, and if you find yourself hungry for a good meal and a chance for some tasty powder skiing on September 23, be sure to come out! More information at trailtosochi.squarespace.com

Good chat. Talk soon!