Aprimay - It's two months in one!

“What’s shakin’ Basil?”
“A lot’s shaking Austin” 
A little Austin Powers – Gold Member shout out for you. 
May 28th! For real? A lot’s shaking indeed. Or been shook I should say. I have been busy since my last update, but will try to keep it brief and let the photos do the talking. After Nationals in Whistler, I stayed in the area to tour in the beautiful backcountry of the Duffy Lake and Callaghan Valley areas. Putting Mt. Cayoosh (1 275m) in the bag was definitely the highlight! Afterwards I headed to the Selkirk mountains to be treated to the hospitality of Selkirk Mountain Experience and the Beglinger family. They never cease to provide the best food and best turns you could ask for. I really squeezed all the possible juice from my month off of training in April as I was only in Canmore for a brief couple of days (managed to bag Mt. James Walker, 3 035m, in the Kananaskis area) before heading off to surf in El Salvador and music fest it up in New Orleans. Needless to say, I had a mental break and half and was fully charged and rested to come back to training in May! There’s nothing that snow, sun, surf, music, good food and dancing can’t heal. And all of them combined? Well, that just makes for one happy and recharged Heidi. 
Touring up to Mt. Cayoosh with Anniversary Glacier in the background.
Some delicious cheese fondue paired with solid sun burns at The Durrand Glacier Chalet. My dad made this trip possible and Ruedi guided us to some of Canada's best kept powder! Erwin, Heidi, Phil, Brent, Brent, Devon and Ruedi
Yep - the Kananaskis back country is dang nice.
Snow to surf! We're about to feast on the most freshest ever mussels (only 30mins since they were in the ocean). Not the best English, but they were that good. K61, El Salvador

Fish market in La Libertad, El Salvador
Surf, surf and more surf
Sunset surf sesh in El Tunco, El Salvador
Stretching with a view of the ocean!
The last surf sesh in El Salvador ... 'till next time!
And then I went to New Orleans... this is just your everyday street scene. This city blew my mind like no other. I loved the energy and passion the people had for their music and food! It shows!
Sax player gettin' after it in a club in NO.
My bro Matti and I at the Willie Nelson show - He's 80 and still got it! Not my bro.. Willie Nelson.

Thumbs up for Fleetwood Mac!
NoLa crew - I will be back! Such an awesome Jazz Festival and great scene.
Just your average crowd at the music fest
Ok - Time to get real!
Classic Z3 intensity with Mike Viera at Sovereign Lake
The training season kicked off with the Alberta World Cup Academy heading to Silver Star, BC for a training camp on snow. This year we stayed in Vernon on Lake Okanagon so we were treated to the lake and all the activities that come with it in the afternoon. Training consisted of mainly volume hours on snow, but adding in a little bit of intensity just so we are reminded what this is all about! Afternoons were spent either running in Ellison park, in the gym for strength or hanging out at ‘The Outback’.

When I was in Liberec for U23 Championships last season, I mentioned coming to Switzerland as a dream of mine with one of the Swiss coaches, Christian Flury. He was super Swiss about it, not in an 'only if you're on time' kind of way, but in an ‘we’re open to anything and come train with us’ kind of way. After some planning with my coaches at home and having their support for the trip, it was only a matter of a couple emails back and forth and booking a flight! I was amazed at the generosity and support not only on the Swiss end of this idea but of the support I received in Canada as well. I must take an important moment to give a huge thanks to Buff Canada for helping make this trip a reality! I wanted to train in Davos, Switzerland not only for the fantastic new training opportunities but to experience the culture, language and differing approaches to ski racing. I believe that there are many ways to the top, and no exact recipe on how to do it. Training in Switzerland will allow me to meet and train with other women working towards the same goals and learn from their approach to skiing.
I’m currently in Magglingen, Switzerland, which is a National Sport centre for all the sport federations in Switzerland. The Swiss Ski Team is doing treadmill and baseline testing here, but I will use this week as an adjustment to the time change before we head up to 2 700m to ski on the Stelvio Pass. I will spend the rest of June in Davos to train roller skiing, cycling, strength and running with the team there and hopefully pick up some Swiss-German along the way!
The view of Biel/Bienne from Magglingen. Gorgeous views and great training here. We will head to ski on the glacier at Stelvio next week and then I will spend the rest of June in Davos.