Lessons in French

World Cup City sprint in Old Quebec City
And what a weekend it was. I have just returned from racing the team sprint and individual sprint in Old Quebec City. The snow had been trucked in, streets closed off and traffic diverted to setup a sprint course to host the World Cup competitions on December 8 and 9. Hats off to the organization of the event as well as the fans who came from left, right and centre to cheer on the excitement. What an amazing atmosphere!
Dasha and I chasing in the semi final

On Friday, I teamed up with fellow Alberta World Cup Academy and National team member Alysson Marshall to tackle our semi final in the team sprint. I had the starting leg and lining up in the start grid under the old walls and archways of Quebec City, hearing the clock tick down takes the cake as the coolest start line I've ever been on. I was really happy with how I skied today - being proud that I stayed on my feet may sound like a mediocre accomplishment but the way that course skis when a group of girls attacks it makes it a much bigger deal. Skiing in a pack of women around that course and actually being able to stay in contact with the group was incredible. My body felt good and I was constantly having to respond to moves around me instead of launching moves myself but as a learning experience I am pretty pumped on that. Alysson and I were unable to advance into the final but I was happy with the way my body felt and this offered the best preparation for the individual sprint on Saturday.


Wicked atmosphere and teammate!

Oh haaay Alysson. Sprint qualifier
Powering out the morning qualifier
Saturday morning I had about 45 minutes on the course before they closed it to preserve the precious inner city snow and prepare it for the upcoming qualifications. Comparing the course conditions on Thursday to the conditions on Saturday would be comparing ice to sand. The corners were deep and demanded you to be light and snappy throughout the course. I skied a decent qualifier on Saturday, but it wasn't enough to crack the top 30. I ended the day in 43rd, 3 seconds back of qualifying. I ended the day feeling inspired by the atmosphere and adamant that I have what it takes to be in the top 30. I have a better understanding of where I was losing time on the course and how close it is to make or break it - hint: it's really close. I've taken many lessons from this last weekend of racing. Absorbing the passion and aggression of the women on the World Cup circuit is something that I will be channeling this week as we head into another World Cup weekend in Canmore.

View from Peri's room on the 21st floor. I couldn't have planned a better spectating spot. We could hear everything and see the jumbo tron. And it was warm.

Not necessarily where we 'wanted' to be - but a pretty amazing alternative to racing the heats.
Another opportunity awaits in the World Cups this weekend and I am ready to tackle it!
May the best of your today's be the worst of your tomorrow's.

Some of the Canadian women representation! Kate Brennan, myself, Erin Tribe, Zoe Roy, Alysson Marshall, Andrea Dupont and Maya MacIsaac-Jones.

E-tribe scopes out her delish dish at Le Feu Sacre on the last night in Quebec.