Looking Ahead

Objects in mirror are closer than they appear - Canmore World Cups December 13-16!!
Since graduating high school in 2008, I’ve chosen a less conventional campus than most of my classmates. You could say I enrolled as a student of sport where the curriculum and teachers test you on every piece of mental and physical knowledge you knew existed, and then some. Instead of investing my time in a Kinesiology or Anthropology degree, I’ve invested in the ‘no-guarantees-be-the-best-I-can-be’ degree. Call me stupid, call me crazy – and definitely call me passionate. November is an interesting and exciting time for a ski racer. As the nights grow longer and the days colder, we know that racing season is just around the corner. It is almost time to apply new and old curriculum to the racing test. During a team meeting this past week, my coach (Chris Jeffries) asked us to share our ‘training philosophy’. Ah jeez, that’s a packed question. Oh and keep it short.
Developing a training philosophy as an athlete is similar to dedicating years of your life to writing a thesis. I don’t know much, and my philosophy is always evolving, but I know it will always include persistence, perspective and good times. Hearing the responses from my teammates and what has or hasn’t worked for them helps me shape my philosophy as well. I am a big advocate for commitment. I don’t want an open relationship with my ski career, I commit everything I have to the process of my development and that gives me the trust and confidence that it will get me to where I want to go. Of course there are times when I doubt myself and consider the negatives. That’s where perspective and good times come in. As long as I’m having a good time, the perspective comes naturally. Having positive people around me are the greatest resources to keeping the atmosphere moving in the right direction. I can learn something from each of my teammates and do my best to keep my mind open to these lessons while sharing my own experiences. Looking ahead to the work to be done in November is getting me even more excited for the ski season. This month’s mantra will be ‘Making the day’s count. Not counting down the days.’ Ski racing season will come when it’s ready, I just have to do what I can in the moments I’ve got!
Catching my breath after the Spray Drag race
Alana Thomas, Zoe Roy and I showing a grin after the race. Good Hurt.
Since my last post, there’s been more training, an uphill running race, a Frozen Thunder Sprint and lots of loops on the trusty 2km (and growing!) loop that the Canmore Nordic Centre keeps in top shape. I’m happy that I broke my time goal of 26:30 in the 5km Spray Drag race and had a decent race day on Frozen Thunder against a stacked international field. I qualified 8th, finished 7th and had a great time racing in heats of four in an awesome atmosphere created by the staff at Cross Country Canada.

Frozen Thunder Sprint!

If my ski career ever goes South - I would seriously consider riding mechanical bulls for a living.

Ski prep! After having some skis ground recently, it's a good chance to put in work to make them that much faster!
Working on my 'spro with my bro

Happy Halloween!