A September to Remember

Looking back on the spring and summer of training, I seem to only ever remember the blue skies and sunny days. Then I think a little harder and remember just how cold and miserable at times the spring weather was and how long it took for summer to finally arrive. Fall however, has more than made up for the slow start to summer. This September we were able to train in blue bird, bug free and sunny skies until we forgot what a cloud or raindrop looked like. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good run in the rain and appreciate the humid air, but it was something else to have this long stretch of ‘Indian Summer’.

September was also a time to remember because it marked one year since I won the jackpot of a two-nights stay at the Foothills Hospital after crashing on my roller skis. Hooray for staying on my feet this year!

September also included...

Plenty of long distance roller skiing in the Bow Valley (Highwood Parkway, Bow Valley Parkway, Banff Legacy Trail and Minniwanka Loop)

The second annual presentation of Fast and Female Sports Day in Canada. Zumba, dancing, tag, running, yoga, snack time, drawing and glitter. Check, check and check.

FnF ambassador Brooke Gosling and myself ready for a day of energy

5km Ambulance Chaser running race. Unfortunately, we didn't get to chase down any ambulances, but all the money raised is put towards the EMS Foundation.

I won the 5km Women's race through Princess Island Park in downtown Calgary

Canoeing with friends on Vermillion Lakes!

Looks like a summer shot. It's not.

Happy Birthday Michaela!

Can't complain

The Academy has been in the Bow Valley for all of September to take advantage of the training facilities and terrain close to home. Looking ahead to October, I'm excited to see the snow magically appear as the pile of sawdust covered snow is spread out into a 3km loop at the Nordic Centre. The predicted debut date of "Frozen Thunder" is October 15th and I can't wait to strap on a pair of real skis sometime soon! Other than that, I'm keeping busy training and brainstorming Halloween costume ideas.