Whistler Olympic Park Cross-Country stadium

Whistler Camp Update

August 17-28, 2011

The Academy has just returned from our Whistler, B.C camp, for the third year in a row. By far my favorite camp of the year; there’s plenty to keep you busy in Whis. We left Canmore on the 17th, and had a solid ten days to take in the beautiful sunshine and weather, with only one day (well maybe one and a half) of rain. Most of our training was roller skiing up the Callaghan Valley road and at Whistler Olympic Park, but we did a fair amount of running and strength in and around Whistler as well as an appearance on the Duffy Lake road. Hope you enjoy these pictures and videos from the camp.

The Academy joined some of the Callaghan Valley Training Centre team members at Loggers Lake to check out the rope swings. Such an awesome lake, perfect way to spend the afternoon!

Herd of people heading up to Logger's Lake

Patrick was by far the most pumped about the rope swings. Hands down. This shot was within two minutes of arriving.

Climbing up to the platform. I would try to estimate how high it is, but I'm usually quite terrible at that. I'll just say it was 'waaaaaaaaay up'. Like 40ft?

Heeeey girrrrls.

Sprint Day! Skate sprint this year at WOP differed from the previous sprint course. It featured ‘that corner’, which proved to be a lot less sketchy than anticipated. Solid work by the girls all round, Alysson took the win followed by myself, Marlis and Brittany to round out the A final. In the men's final it was Phil for the win followed by Drew, Dusan and Jess.

Parking lot start

Men's quarter-final start

Men's quarter-final, coming down 'that corner'

EmNish and I as well as Marlis and Zina, battling it out in the semi-final

Me, trying real hard in the semi-final

Phil, leading his semi-final

Drew leading Phil over the top of the the last climb in the final

Alysson, myself, Marlis and Brittany in the Ladies Final

Here's a clip from a rainy day at Whistler Olympic Park. No better way to spend a rainy day than practicing classic sprint starts with our extremely new and advanced start gate technology. Complete with a personalized starter and rope!

We did a long Z3 pursuit workout up Duffy Lake Road. We began on the Lillooet Road and headed up. And I mean up. Towards the summit of the of the Duffy Lake road. I felt pretty hardcore trying to tackle this climb, but these guys take hardcore and speed to a whole new level. Check out these long boarders descending the Duffy. Awesome.

We also had a chance to run the Comfortably Numb bike trail. Maybe next time I'll bring my bike. On second thought, it was hard enough trying to run the single track and bridges.

Looking down at Wedge Creek from the bridge crossing as part of our run on the Comfortably Numb bike trail.

"Look shocked, Janelle."

Achtung! Skiers on decent!
This sign was along a trail in Lost Lake Park

The Alberta Ski Team joined us for most of this Whistler camp. Great group to train with!

Kendra Hicks, up to bat in a traditional Whistler baseball match

My brother Matt came over from Tofino as well as my mom and sister who flew out from Banff for a short summer getaway and visit in Whistler.

Hey! Look who it is?! Great picnic at Lost Lake!

Overall, I couldn't have asked for a better combination of weather, people, accommodation and activities! The last night was capped off with a Sam Roberts concert as part of the grand opening of the new stage in the Medal Plaza in downtown Whistler. I have a rest period here in Canmore before gearing up and fine tuning for race season.

Adios Amigos.