Spring Sprang and the Whole Dang Thang

Since my last update, blogging has apparently been far from my mind. For ski racers, April is an anticipated month of regeneration. The only month, in fact, where we put ski racing as far from our minds as possible and absorb a well deserved break. Sitting in Estonia at World Juniors this past winter, the lure of the Coachella music festival in California caught my attention and the impulse buy was made.

Two of my hometown friends and I headed down the Oregon coast and into California via the famous Highway 101. Beauty. We camped the whole way down the coast with a side stop in Disney Land and completed our main mission of taking in as many concerts as possible at the Coachella Music Festival in Indio, Californ-i-a.

Breaky on the edge along the Southern Oregon coast

The Golden Gate Bridge in San Fransisco. As seen upside down in a passenger seat.

Visiting Walt Disney's turf. Riding on the It's a Small World After All "ride". That song still hasn't left my head.

Windmills. Everywhere! The desert surrounding Palm Springs harvests the wind like I've never seen before.

Soaking in the tunes at Coachella

Our Coachella camping setup at Lake Cahuilla in La Quinta, California. Desert! We snagged one of the few campsites with a tree.

More concerting. I think this was at Ms.Lauryn Hill

Jumping ahead to now. The Academy is well into another training season with an on snow camp in Silver Star completed. This week we will test fitness and add to past testing data to see progression over the summer. Rollerski prologue time trial, double pole test, submax test and incremental treadmill test will all be served up this week, I'll report back to share how I fared.

The video posted below is a proof of some of the pranks pulled at our Silver Star camp. No males were harmed in the making of this film. However, my steak did suffer minor bruising.


Thanks for checking in! Adios Amigos!