Boom goes the dynamite

Here it goes. It’s been a long time coming and after months of procrastination I’ve taken the positive feedback from myteammates to finally publish this thing. The weirdest thing about the Blogging concept to me, is ‘who is going to read this?’ and ‘who cares what I have to say?’. Well, I know my mom will read this, so baby steps to try and gain some more readers. In the meantime, thanks mom… and dad!

Above - Coach Jeffries contemplating how to fit gear for 20 athletes into the trailer headed for Silver Star. Photo: Mike Cavaliere

The Alberta World Cup Academy is here in Silver Star for the NorAm's this weekend at Sovereign Lake Nordic. This Saturday will be a classic sprint, crazy course changes since last year. When compared to last year, the sprint course has a lot more climbing and is longer as well as a newly added bridge feature, should make for an interesting sprint race.

The team will race a 10/15km skate race on Sunday and have Monday to recharge before we head off to Rossland for the next weekend of NorAms which double as the trials races for World Senior Championships.

Last night, the Academy girls were joined by Catherine Prendel for dinner. It was cool to sit down and chat with Catherine, World Cup leader in Mountain Biking, comparing sports, asking questions and gaining some insight into what she's put into her career so far and where she'd like to take it. Catherine has been up at the race site for the past couple of days, soaking up the ski racing scene while looking to improve her skiing as she uses it as a valuable training tool in her off season. Maybe once the snow clears Catherine will show the Academy girls how to hammer on the mountain bike trails, I definitely have a lot to learn from this pro.

Above - The Academy girls with Catherine (in black) before heading out to try out the race trails today. Photo: Mike Cavaliere

For now, it's time to hydrate and fuel up in time for the races tomorrow. Thanks for checking in! - Heidi