The mountains and community of the Bow Valley have always provided with me the greatest inspiration. What began as a way to spend time exploring in the woods with my friends and family, cross country skiing quickly developed into my full time passion. I was born and raised in Banff, Alberta in 1991 and up until spring of 2018, chose a less conventional route for education as a student of sport. I spent my days training and racing, and nights dreaming of how to become a better athlete. After fulfilling numerous childhood dreams, I moved back to Canada after living in Davos, Switzerland from 2015-2018. Now that my ski racing days are behind me, I am currently studying online to complete my third and fourth year of a Bachelor of Arts program in Interdisciplinary Studies at Royal Roads University, focusing on areas of communication and entrepreneurial management.

What began as a way to keep others in the loop on ski racing news has evolved into a blog that I can’t seem to let go! I enjoy writing and I enjoy all things local. Wherever my local happens to be. I currently live in Canmore, Alberta and enjoy the local Wild Life and Ticino meals. I am continuing this blog as a way for me to stay connected as I embark on a 2019 without Instagram and Facebook. I’m figuring it out as I go, but there’s one thing for certain - think global, act local.